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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Tumblr? There's some interest in the books in the tags for them there, and people post reviews of the books on a semi-regular basis. I've considered advertising this site in the tags, since a lot of people seem to really want forum-style discussions.

You bring up a good point.
As Maximum Ride no longer has any other forums anywhere, should we take up the role? I know that the last few times I suggested opening the site to people left stranded after the closure of UBC and MDW, the consensus from everyone else was a firm "NO", but I do not know if opinions have changed since then. Post MDW has been over two years now, and post UBC is at least one year.

I think that the biggest concern has to do with the personal information and problems posted on this thread and the Secret Confession thread.

Also, keep in mind that, if we did open to everyone, it would still be a younger crowd. Are we morally obliged to hide/remove mature content (i.e. that 'Pretty Ladies' thread from 3+ years ago)?

I guess this is all the 'movie' that MR fans are going to get. Let the squee complaints commence!

Oh dear god. And produced by the same studio who does Annoying Orange and Fred? Yeaaah, there's no possible way this could turn out poorly. Not at all.

They could do it with Popsicle stick puppets. It will be a instant success.

A summary of Chapters 1-3, which are already on


Hey, It's me, Max. Remember when starting books with messages to readers with italics was awesome? Well, I'm writing in italics again, and it's to tell you that this is pretty much going to be a history book of all the stuff that happened after the world turned into a Roland Emmerich film at the end of Nevermore! Because you couldn't guess that yourselves, right?


Still in Max's POV. Begins with a short summary. Books 1-3 are reduced to:

And how my flock and I escaped and spent our entire
lives after that being hunted down by Erasers—human-​
wolf mutants with truly eye-​­watering dogbreath.
While rolling with the punches (and bites and kicks),
I had a mountain of personal crap to deal with, too. I
was betrayed by my own father, who also turned my half
brother, Ari, into an Eraser to kill me. Family fun!

While it seems like Patterson himself can't recall what happened in books 4-8. Final Warming and MAX are skipped right over in the summary, while FANG is reduced to one line of Max continuing to hate on poor, dead Maya. Book 7 is reduced to "We had to deal with cults and nutcases" and as for Nevermore? "Something happened--a meteor? A nuclear bomb? We might never know--that caused all hell to break loose?", despite clearly starting that it was a global meteor strike at the end of Nevermore.
And Max CONTINUES to tease the fact that she hasn't started telling the story yet! That's right, this is still prologue! Claims that friends will die, and cities will collapse, and again, in case you forgot, we ended book 8 somewhere in the South Pacific, waiting for Rossano Brazzi to finish singing Some Enchanted Evening.

"Chapter 1"

That's right, this book has three first chapters, all with different names!
The story begins with The entire flock together, with no indicator as to how Max, Fang, Dylan and Angel manage to dig down to Pierpont's bunker. Now they're backpacking through a volcanic wasteland (yep, volcanic. No Fallout New Vegas as of yet) trying to make it through some decently heavy ash-fall (how they haven't succumbed to the Pomeii effect, I don't know). Apparently, the eruption was recent, and they'd been on this particular island for three months. Max goes back to retrieve tools just as the Volcano starts into some serious activity, only to be told by Angel's voice to bail and run away.

I am so glad that this place still exists. Hey, everyone.

Also, I never even read Nevermore. Is he really still trying to continue with this?

Hey nighthawk! yes, yes he is...

Holy shit, no one's posted in here in months. I don't know if anyone still checks anymore, but how are you all?


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