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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Beyond that, halfway through a second year as a tech writer, beat NaNo for the 5th time, and continuing to work on my own creative writing. I check the internet now and again to see if a new MR community has pulled itself out of the ashes, but it seems like everyone gave up after Nevermore, which has me curious as to how he'll get anything out of MR: Forever this spring.

How are you?

I've come across a couple of MR fans on tumblr but not really a community so I'm not sure how that's gonna play out either.

I'm finishing up my junior year of college, starting my senior year next semester and graduating next December. I have a job as an online writing tutor through the college and I love everything about it. I no longer live in the dorms and have managed to get my own place and I live with a friend and two cats. I'm allergic to the cats, but it's not too bad most days. It's been a long and stressful semester, but mostly a good one. Overall, I can't complain.

Congrats on the NaNo front!

This semester has been ridiculous.

Leg is still all fucked. I've been doing some great, fascinating research on yellow fever, and am right now finishing a draft of my final paper on that. Well, I'm five pages out of eight to ten, but I need a break. I have been up all night with it.

Also that excerpt from whatever the new book is I forget sounds awful. Spectacularly. I feel much better about my paper.

Terrible writing makes me feel better about my papers too.

At least the research doesn't sound terrible? Unless that was sarcasm. I can't tell anymore. Sorry about your leg tho, that hella sucks. I'm assuming you kicked that paper's ass at least?

The research was tremendously fun. It was just that being immersed intensively in a thing kind of kills one's enthusiasm for a while, and spending all semester writing has made me in need of a break before I do anything creative :V

I actually, somehow, got an A- in the class. All semester the other students were chatting about how tough the prof was, but... I dunno, whatever I did, I did right! 

Hope you're doing well also :D

I can get that. Excluding NaNo, it's actually been a couple of months since I've done any novel writing. I had to submit a portfolio to stay in the creative writing program at my college and that kind of just sucked all of my inspiration for the semester.

Congrats! That's the best!

I'm doing pretty great! I have a job that I love. My grades somehow survived one hell of a semester and I have a fairly active social life. Still single as fuck, but that's kinda the only complaint I have and it's certainly not the worst thing in the world. For the most part, things are good.

I plan on getting the last MR book in May, just to put a cap on things. Would anyone be interested in a summary/spoiler thread/live reading?

I would be interested in a summary type thing. I do not plan on picking up another James Patterson book as long as I live.

Also, hi.

I'd be down for a summary also, as I would also prefer to never pick up a JP book ever.

And a secondary, also hi!

TTS doesn't exist as a forum anymore.

I went on a couple days ago to see if it was still alive, but it's apparently been taken down for good. Which makes me pretty sad even though I haven't looked at it in months and I'm retrospectively kind of ashamed of the person I was there.

It's weird trying to explain my internet phase to other people. Like, yeah, I spent several hours a day on the internet as a person named Contra and I trashed a popular book series for fun with people I've never met. People don't get it. I'm always very excited when I come across other people who did internet forums. I'm honestly even excited by people who understand tumblr and that sort of culture.

It's also hard trying to navigate around explaining it to people because I'm ashamed of the fact that not only was I an obnoxious person a lot of the time on the website, but I was a person with so few friends and so little extracurricular engagement in early high school that my entire social life was based around that website. And I end up mentioning my history as a frequenter of internet forums because I keep the name Contra for my summer camp job and so much of my evolution into young adulthood was shaped by TTS and, to some extent, this place.

I was an adolescent who learned how to articulate herself and what it was that she really cared about via the internet. And that isn't really taken seriously by people outside of forum culture. 

I dunno, just some thoughts.

I accidentally clicked on this page in my bookmarks folder and I was really glad to find that even though it's dead, it's not gone. I'm very happy that my life is in a place finally where I don't feel the need to rely on the internet for fulfillment but I also feel the loss of a place that dramatically altered who I grew up to be. Anyway. I hope you all are doing well, whenever you find this.


Looks fine to me, but the community itself seems to have dried up about half a year ago or more.

On the flip side, it does look pretty dead. They might've just changed the access pages.

On the flip side Max-dan-wiz is gone and erased...though chrome tells me that whatever replaced it may hold malware, and for a while it was an x-rated site. Won't be showing anyone that, I guess. Good thing that I still have so much of my original documentation copied here or on my hard drive.

Ohhhh. They definitely did change the access page. doesn't seem to link anywhere to the forums, which is why I didn't notice. Thanks for redirecting me.

Haha I definitely also have folders of such things.


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