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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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...I'm doing a graphic novel.


And I'm completely revising the plot right now. :D

Mehhhh...I think I'm allergic to shellfish.

I hate public transportation. I hate crowded public transportation. And most of all, I hate crowded public transportation with my family that's wasting $8.25 for a fucking ride to the nearby mall which takes ten minutes to walk to. Especially since my younger brother doesn't know when the fuck to calm himself down and it'll be weird as hell being the only person with a six year old and an eleven year old. 


:| I don't want to ride the bus. v.v Why can't I just walk?

*reads this and sympathizes with all the complaints*


*still wishes she lived somewhere with public transportation instead of the stupid suburbs where she has to walk 3 miles to the grocery store if she has to buy, say, distilled water to clean out the juice she spilled on her laptop, and doesn't want to have to ask her parents because that would mean telling them she spilled juice on her laptop*

XDDD -Gives distilled water so you can clean up juice on the laptop-


I've always lived in the city and I rarely took public transportation. And if I did, it was always alone which made me feel way better. If I wanted to go somewhere, I walked. Regardless of rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Plus it's 10 C (50 F) and sunny tomorrow, it's perfectly fine for walking. 

I got it all cleaned up but my dad found out and apparently I'm "irresponsible" for taking my laptop apart and figuring things out on my own instead of sending it to a repair works perfectly now so what's the difference? 


I've always imagined that if I lived in a city I would be the weird person who always tries to cheer up her fellow passengers...I have all these crazy ideas but no real way to act on them here...


(It's going to be 80 degrees here least I can claim that)

XDDD My parents feel that way with many things. "Why would you use water to melt the ice?" "... Because warm water melts ice?" "USE A HAMMER!" 


XDDD I am not that type of person because I have a legit fear of getting mugged. I'm the type of person who doesn't stress out about tests but is paranoid about getting raped or mugged. Ironically enough, I lived in one of the worst parts of the city. XD 


(I'm in Canada, in the prairies specifically. It's supposed to be really cold here so being above negatives is amazing.)

Yeah, my parents are just paranoid about doing things "the right way" They sort of remind me of this line from Hitchhiker's Guide..."We have normality. Anything you can't cope with is therefore your own problem." As long as we do everything "the right way" and "normally and respectably" nothing will go wrong, and if it does go wrong we can blame it on something "normal"


Yeah see I'm the kind of person who goes running through the woods at 3 in the morning just because they were too bored and not tired enough to go to bed.


(Oh yeah I forgot about that...okay now I have something else to be jealous of: You're in CANADA)

H2G2 is amazing. Just... pure awesomeness. I love those books to death and am willing to wrestle anyone who wants to degrade it (well... illogically. Like if they say it sucks because they don't understand it... I'mma strangle them). ^^ -Love so many lines from it-


XDD I've done that. I once played a "who can stay up the longest" game with my friends. It was not pretty. 

(:D I love Canada, so much. It's just so wonderful and idealistic in my opinion. Which may or may not be from brainwashing from our school textbooks.) 

Yeah I'm considering pretending it's a Bible (I have the lovely little leatherbound gold-edged pages edition so all I'd have to change is the title) and taking it to Bible Camp with me, where we're not supposed to bring non-Christian literature because it would "stop us from focusing on God"


I'd be good at those sort of games...I'm the one who's up watching the sunrise after everyone else at the sleepover has gone to bed.


(I dunno I've been brainwashed by all my Canadian friends but I think practically anywhere is more sane than here...)

Speaking of staying up late contests I should be off to bed or I might be grumpy during some "family activity" in the morning...

Just posted a 3k character bio, with another 2k history on the way.


Meh. >_> I need to get a life.


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