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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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I got a 670 on my critical reading, a 760 on my math, and a 680 on my writing for my mock SAT scores.


Not as good as last time, but in my defense I was sick at the time and had had very little sleep. Meh.

Re: Hannah

Plot was fair though simple, acting decent enough, cinematography was well done.

Though I still wish people would do more with genetics than make human-form supersoldiers. You can go all kinds of places with that.

Although, if Maximum Ride were to have been done right, it would probably have gone a lot like this movie.


Human supersoldiers are easier to cast :\ Also they blend more easily.
Screw blending, I want psychological turmoil.
We almost went to go see that but ended up at The Source Code instead. The plot and acting were really well-done and they took the premise about as far as it could go (I'm not going to spoil it for you but it's the sort of thing that sounds idiotic at first unless you do a really good job with it, which they did) and even tacked on a nice bit of emotion at the end. No spectacular "omfg the world's going to end" or really action-packed moments but they handled everything really well.

I feel pretty. XD

Ready for Prom, just waiting for Cody to get here. Then we go take millions of pictures here and at his parents house, then go out for sushi, then to prom, and then an all-nighter at IHOP afterwards.

I'm wearing a shitton of makeup with even more hairspray and bobby pins on a half-updo that's all super curly with jewels in it, and holy shizzlepuff I do not look like myself.

And there's a tornado watch until 2 AM. XD

Tonight ought to be interesting.

Oh my god, this TLC show is so stupid. America is not as god damn stupid as you make it sound. PEOPLE HAVE SEX EDUCATION THERE.


I'm sorry if not everyone thinks having a condom in your wallet is cool. And it's not really logical to compare the United States of America to the Netherlands... It's /Holland./

Urgh, what show are you talking about? 
TLC has the weirdest shows, mostly because it's for crazy cat ladies and stay-at-home moms descending into similar insanity.

Let's Talk About Sex. I don't... I mean... What? XDDD


Agreed. My sister watches TLC so she can look at all the "weird" people and make herself feel better. My parents do it to assure themselves they're good parents. I just like looking at the food.

I watch Hoarders so that I can clean my room.

lol last week there was a show called Strange Sex. The topic?  "Double Trouble:  The woman born with two vaginas."

I should do that!


.... Wut. I think I was going to watch Strange Sex but then I realized it was weird and would scare my sibling's virgin-ears/eyes/whatever.

I haz pics of me before prom. :D

I'll post a couple if anyone's really interested, but I also have them on FB.

I had fun. XD I wish I took some of people at prom though.


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