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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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@Megan: *feels like an idiot* Right. I'm returning to my policy of keeping my mouth shut on Mod-Anti relations. Sorry about that.
'S okay, I was just sayin'
Someone asked that I delete End's post here, and I did.

The portion I responded to read:

"...I wonder if they [the mods] check out this site as well. If I were Gestapo/KGB, that's what I'd do."
@Nathan: Fine by me. I really should have thought it over before posting. Sorry again.
The Nathan thing was a bunch of people changing their names to "fake Nathan" or similar, using my old avatar, and... posting as normal.

The mods flipped a shit.
What happened to Lamp? Did they did do what they said?
Lamp is fine.
No, they have yet to have NING contact her, or IP ban, or anything of the like.

She's still alive.
Besides, if you were contacted/banned by NING, I'd be gone too....
Meh, probably.
*still doesn't see why you were banned in the first place, though*
...Probably because I was just as much, if not more, "involved" in their claims than you were.
But they haven't any proof of that.

They shouldn't have lumped us together for that, or banned you. Or not answered you as to why you were banned. >./body>
So? They don't need proof, or reason, to ban anyone.

And.... for the reasons they banned us, really, everyone lumped us together for that. Ever notice, when somebody had a question about something of that topic, they always came looking for both of us?


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