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What the heck is wrong with kids these days? Apparently, some kid shot up a school in Ohio. Who is so stupid that they think it's OK to just go and kill their classmates?! Honestly, what are you trying to accomplish? Throw yourself in jail for the rest of your existence and majorly screw up whatever afterlife you believe in? Well, mission accomplished. The only thing you've done is made yourself look like scum to the world, and severely injure and/or kill the people you've grown up with. I don't care if you're a freaking social outcast. I don't care if those people have been mean to you. Guess what? Everyone deals with that crap. Some more than others, yes. But get the crap over yourself. Guns won't fix the life you screwed up. Get a therapist, buy a diary, dye your hair and pretend like the world gives a crap who you are. Because here's the thing: the world is cruel and harsh. Life sucks. But that's the same for EVERYONE. Yeah, some people have it worse off than others. But basically, life sucks, and you die. Now go live out your existence and try not to screw it up for others.

Oh wait, you can't. Because you'll be in JAIL the rest of your life, you soulless, worthless, poor excuse for a human being.


Sorry. But I just can't understand how someone can be so stupid. I'm so mad, I'm freaking shaking. This brought back a lot of bad memories, and reminded me of just how much worse it could have been for us. I mean, people freaking died. Because this selfish piece of crap shot his classmates.

I take it you're too young to remember Columbine?

To clarify, Jessie was in a school during a shooting. Same hallway too, I gathered. She's speaking from personal trauma, rather than a formal and historical standpoint.

Man, on top of being an asshole I'm an asshole with a shitty memory too :\

We were outside. She was under/beside the breezeway, and we were standing by the picnic tables, directly behind her.

Yes. Coming from a sheltered home in the backwoods of North Carolina, I didn't fully understand Columbine until I was in middle school and was required to sit through an assembly by the Friends of Rachel.

I feared the worst when I looked those guys up. (See, there's at least one organization that uses the memory of a girl who died that day to preach about Christianity -- and I feel that completely perverts her memory, because the story they use to sell their message is completely false.)

Luckily Friends of Rachel seem to be really cool :3 

Anyway, yeah, school shootings all suck, wherever they are :\

So I'm shitty at knowing the right things to say somehow my friends always know but I don't. So I always think of different ways to make people feel better. Usually it's either a horrid joke that's funny because it's terrible or food. Since I have no jokes here's a tumblr of Kim Jong-Il staring at things. 

It's kind of funny.

Also, if you're really upset with the lack of security in your schools (because it IS really fucked up) write a letter to a local politician. Generally, most politicians assume that if they get one letter, there's a hundred other people who think like you do. 

That actually made me feel better. It's been a crappy week, and I needed to vent to someone who would actually listen. Which, of course, means the internet. Thanks.

My grandad died in his sleep about lunchtime today. He had to pick Feb 29th! Pigheaded old codger that he was! He was exactly 84 and a half too.

Thanks, guys, just for being here.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Last week, a girl from my school jumped out of the emergency exit window during a school field trip. The bus was going approximately 65mph. She was going through some things, I don't know much else. Today, she died in the Vegas hospital. I never really knew her, but we were both seniors. I hope her family can stay strong.

And today, school was canceled, because it was broken into last night. I guess at least it gives the mourners a day off.


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