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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Or the 15/16th seems fairly good. Not 100% sure I won't be working, but day on Sat is prolly fine and my parents will be out, so...

And with me unable to go to Debate Provincials, my Friday/Sat this weekend opens up. 

It seems like everyone else's works too. 

Anyone down for this? 

Works for me!

I have Broadway Revue on the 22nd/23rd. But I'll be free that Sunday.

I believe with Doodle you can go back in and edit your previous submissions. 

I think I need to buy y'all a round of drinks or something

Five years? Really?

So, my laptop bluescreened. I sent it in for hard drive repairs about a week ago. Can I expect to get it back before the 15th, or should I go ahead and ask to borrow a friend's?

Depends on the kind of fix. Theoretically, if it's a memory issue, then the entire thing could be fixed in 24 hours or less. If it's damage to the actual, physical hardware, then you might need a new computer.

Did they specify the state of your drive?

Ask to borrow a friends.  

You can always decide you don't need a back-up later or transfer project data mid-way, but it can be more difficult to loan out/waiting sucks.

midterms season sucks a lot

Also, for anyone who read Echo Flux back in the day, I've been posting/dissecting the latest draft on the tumblr I have for that thing here. Or even if you never read it and just enjoy terrible writing and me mocking my terrible writing.

None of us actually like MR fic anymore.

That said, I'm going through my hard drive and I've found some wonderful, wonderful things.


1) two half-finished sequels/prequels to Angels/History.

2) An AU where the flock and the major-player whitecoats swap roles. Character note gems include "Marjan (Marian Janssen) Bossy and a pathological liar." and "Director Griffiths (Iggy). Powertripping arsehole." Max plays Jeb, with questionable success. (Apparently, I'd planned on everyone dies fairly rapidly).

3) AU in which Angel has teamed up with Omega/Mara/Max II and they are the director's personal hit-squad.

4) Total-is-a-slut-dog fic. It's hilariously cynical, and what fourth wall?

Also about 20k words of a Harry Potter marriage law fic where almost no one is an idiot and Hermione kicks Voldemort's arse. Shock horror.

ARG archive (as far as I got, which was about half at page 50):


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