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What did you think of this one, by the way?

I liked it considerably more than the previous, although I think people calling on Tumblr for "all the awards" to Smith for his little speech at the end were overdoing it a bit.

8/10. I enjoyed it more than the last one; the characterization was stronger, as were the feelings, and the music was excellent (not broadway excellent, but good for what it did).

Smith's speech at the end would have been his best since Pandorica Opens/Big Bang if not for "Come on, baby".

However, the Vigil were woefully underused, the threat didn't feel particularly threatening (a reoccurring issue, it seems), and they had the Doctor give a long speech to Mary at a painfully inconvenient time.


His best, yes, but while I thought the visuals were nice, I didn't find the speech altogether compelling. I guess it seemed like a sort of not-climactic-enough moment within his arc to recount all of it like that. I felt like it was a lot of personal rage coming out at something which throughout the episode never really felt like it had a huge personal impact. It reminds me of Tennant's speech in The Satan Pit where he talks to the devil and he's really angry not just because it's the devil and it's evil, but because it's trying to use Rose against him. This episode seemed much less personally involved with the Doctor, so the speech came across as well-written and well-acted but a bit unwarranted given the situation.

the Vigil were woefully underused, the threat didn't feel particularly threatening (a reoccurring issue, it seems)

Yes, yes, yes; I definitely agree with this. The Vigil were great at being legitimately frightening, but they were just kind of poofed away and the real baddie wasn't half so scary. I haven't felt really emotionally invested in an episode since the first half of series six.

Overall, I'd probably give it a 7/10. I liked Clara's characterization in regards to her affection for and ease with children; it was good consistency given her being a governess, and I really hope they expand upon it in future episodes in a meaningful way. I also like how she did what she wanted to do, and how her saving the day actually made sense (with the possibilities being greater than even the Doctor's experiences -- although I did feel a bit left hanging on her mother's story; it never really alluded to how she died, or really anything other than a simple label of "too soon").

it never really alluded to how she died, or really anything other than a simple label of "too soon"

There has been some debate over the date of death, which is in March of 2005. It's the same day that the opener of Series 1 with Chris Eccleston was supposed to be released (but got pushed back three weeks due to CGI stuff), and so there's a theory that the Autons from "Rose" killed her.

I'd seen some stuff about the dates corresponding to the series (was her birth date the beginning or end or something of the original series?), but I hadn't seen anything about that specifically.

I'm getting really excited for the 50th anniversary special with Tennant and Piper back; perhaps this is how they'll link it.

I'd make a snarky comment about the difference being time or something, but my heart's not really into it. :/

Though, I do think someone should petition for Nasa to search for life on the sun.

Watching some TedTalk videos and preparing for my day back from Spring break.


Meep? How have you been? Haven't heard from you since forever!

Been doing pretty good. Thought I needed a hiatus; life got the best of me.

I'm gonna try and stay here for a while. Don't know how long, but it seems friendly, even though a bit has changed.

Regardless, how have you been doing End?

Pretty good. Since MDW shut down, I've become the senior admin on a minecraft server which has successfully built a functioning model of Disney World on a 1:1 scale, continued work on my novel, and am six weeks from graduating from my university.

Hiatus works! I hope things continue to go well for you!

Cool stuff. I've been working on high school, and jobs, colleges, the typical teenaged dinner plate of concerns. Been trying to also get back into piano, and start recording and creating my own music. All depends on what happens in the future with the money situation.

Ning is changing over to a new(er) platform called "Ning 3.0" (apparently we're on 2.0 at the moment). I've been keeping an eye on the only other noteworthy MR Ning site over at Kat's UserBasedCasting, and it sounds like some information will be lost. Uploaded videos and music, for one, are guaranteed to go. Embedded videos should be fine, but I just don't know for sure.


I do not know if forum content will be migrated or not, as Ning's FAQ for the new platform stinks. It does, however, declare that the upgrade will occur automatically summer 2014 if we don't do it ourselves sooner.


The more we can find out, the better. I recognize that there's a lot of history here, and I am hoping that we can keep it preserved.


(Z and Nathan, if I could hear back from both of you, that would be excellent)


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