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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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:| Will threads be preserved? 

Shit, hello there. 

There are several thousand pages of just this thread, so if we want to start archiving we'd best start soon. 

Also, what's our payment situation?

On about 11 August Ning's gonna ask for 240$ for the next year of hosting fees. (Based on the dates that payment has come due the past two years, anyway.)

In high school I managed to sock away a pretty good chunk of change for no reason, so I can just about cover that (and about half of what will need to be paid in August 2014), but I should look into setting up a proper donation Paypal account and maybe into different hosting for the site. 

Tomorrow is my conference on youth involvement in the community. It'd be great if this could have been pushed back way later because (normally I am pretty confident) but I feel like this might implode in my face. >.> 

Welp, at least I get free food. And to miss Bio. Good enough.

Good luck!

Doctor Who: Cold War....3/5

Skaldak seems to be suffering from Series 7 Syndrome, which is to say that he's another alien that is stated to be dangerous, but doesn't feel dangerous. Maybe it's the skinny arms dragging people away to off-screen fates, but I felt more concerned watching people die from screen-wobble in "Seeds of Death" (another Ice Warrior episode, made in 1969)...or maybe I just wasn't convinced by Clara's reaction to the dismembered bodies. 
I was also hoping for something interesting out of the Soviet executive officer, but nothing notable came of it. Knocking Clara out early on was a weird choice, as it cut down the tension before it could properly build for me.

Also, the ending? To quote a Sane from Gallifrey Base...

But the resolution, really...
Doctor: Please don't kill us!
Doctor: Please, don't kill us!
Clara: Hey, you used to have a daughter.
Skaldak: Oh, okay, I guess I won't kill you then.

Wasn't bad, but it just didn't have enough to it to make it memorable. Gatiss's Spitfires in space were more cool. Hence the 3.

Also, I saw the 1996 film today with Paul McGann as Doctor 8. No wonder it was never picked up for series-length, by the end I hated every character. 1/5.

Yes, I hated it as well, although more for the script than for the acting. There's only so much even good actors can do with a crappy script.

And the doctor lady pissed me off.

I'm slightly ashamed to say that the only Doctor Who episode I've seen was The Five Doctors.

Ugh. I have no idea what to sing for the talent show and auditions are on Thursday. I know I want to do something with my ukulele because a) audiences always respond well to a ukulele, b) it's really fun to play, and c) it's way more compact than a guitar, so it won't get banged up so badly at school all day.

Any suggestions?

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"? 

"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz?

"Hey There Delilah"?


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