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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Thunderstorms, planting, Board meeting for JA, student protests on education cuts, lots and lots of plotting, awards, exams everyday, and bullshit drama for grad all while my friend's dad died this Saturday and she hasn't been to school or answered my message since. 

This has been my week so far. 

first week of new job done.

far out.

Winter. Blargh.

Man it has been a while since I checked up on here... 

Last day of high school was Friday. The weekend was wonderful, this week has been good, and I don't understand people when they say they hated high school. I enjoyed it very much, minus my massive schoolwork load and nearly dying by the end of May from IB exams. idk. I thoroughly enjoy it though I think I'm happy to leave. 

Super duper excited for summer and the endless BBQs I seem to be invited to. A little scared to lose some of my friends since they're going away for uni, but hopefully it all works out. :) 

All I need to do is not fail my finals (which are worth 50%)...

Congratulations on graduating!

yay! Crossing fingers and toes for your results (thoroughly unscientific but who cares)

Is the forum dead?

No, we just haven't thought of something interesting to talk about. It's summer up here in the continental U.S., so it's also possible that everyone is busy with camp/summer jobs/family vacations.

Actually, I'm so not busy that I have nothing interesting to post. There's so little happening in my life.

What about you? And everyone else? How are you all?

Heyhi, I went to Florida and stuff. It was fun and hot. But really, I'm not busy. Just tumblr and now instagram. I just inserted myself into this conversation. I'm sorry.

But yeah, how have you been, Fate? End?

but all means, insert anything into the conversation, because there is so little of it right now and that's a shame!

I honestly just keep forgetting this site and when I do get on, I don't have anything to share so. Idk.

But anyway, how are you?


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