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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Well, it's been over a month since anyone posted in here. Are we all still alive?

I check in from time to time, but we really do need a more focused discussion topic if we want to keep the ball rolling.

More or less, yeah.

College stress got to be too much of a toll on my health, and I withdrew from classes for the remainder of this semester. I'll be staying out next semester as well :\

Other than that, I'm back in physical therapy and in the phone-tag phase of getting seen at a pain management clinic. I'm still recovering from the heavy workload stress, so I haven't done much, but I'm picking away at a Frankenstein pastiche bit by bit.

Medical. Withdrawals. Suck. I hope, at least, that your school wasn't a total dick about it and I'm sorry to hear that you could finish up. I definitely know how shitty that feels. :c Best of luck with all that.

Have fun with the Frankenstein pastiche as well. Sounds like something you'd enjoy? And definitely better than being stuck doing absolutely nothing all day.

Well, I turned 18 yesterday. I had a pretty good birthday, but I spent the entire day singing. I had solo/small ensemble in the morning and Broadway Revue at night. I'm absolutely exhausted.

I got accepted to the Honors Program at the college I'm attending next year and I got a $1500 scholarship for it! Hopefully I'll receive more, since I applied for about 10. I could really use the money.

There are exactly 42 school days left until graduation, and as that number goes down so does my level of motivation. There's less than a month until AP exams start and I just can't bring myself to care. Everyone is getting upset that they're going to leave, but I cannot wait to get out. High school was just a generally awful experience for me, and I'm completely done with it at this point.

Ladies and the few gents that remain, I do believe that we are it.

Just learned that Kat shut down the Userbasedcasting site "temporarily" at the end of February, and either today or very recently switched it to "indefinately". With it goes the last major NING Maximum Ride forum.

Similarly, the only other even partially active MR related forum I can find out there are the RPs on, and these are very slow moving.

And so, in the weirdest twist imaginable, the longest-surving Maximum Ride-related forum site winds up being the one made by a group of annoyed Anti-fans. Congratulations.

also, the URL for max-dan-wiz has been bought out by a wordpress site. Shame, it would have been hillarious if we bought it.

For some reason, I find this news oddly depressing. I don't know. Maybe it's because with our lack of activity these days, I suspect that will be our fate soon as well. ...pun not intended. The thought of losing this place hurts my heart. =/

But yay for lasting this long, I suppose.

Oh damn.

There is some activity on Tumblr, by the way -- it makes me smile, because many of them are just getting into the books and going "Where's the fandom????"

It's about four years ago, sorry...

(Also, yes, I intend to keep this site going as long as I can. Although if you want to archive the content here to somewhere else: feel free; gimme a link; please go ahead, I'm too lazy to.)

While you're here, how have you been? And out of curiosity, have you been following Orphan Black? It reminds me vaguely of  Reality Check and the other stuff you've posted in the past.

(I adore Orphan Black)

S2 has been kind of lackluster so far, but the first season was engaging.


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