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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Totally get it, no problem. Made me chuckle.

Today, I had to put my dog down and it was really hard. But I think what killed me the most was that she was so confused. Unfortunately, we think she had a mini stroke and suffered some neurological damage. According to the vet, she was too dizzy to walk properly. I think she was so confused because she didn't understand why her body wasn't responding and her eyes weren't focusing. But she had a really good life. 15 years is long time and god, I'll miss her but I'm just glad she's no longer in pain/misery.

RIP, puppy, I'll love you forever.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Please be sure to talk to someone about it, ok? If it helps any, we as a species are fairly rubbish at understanding the context behind canine emotions. It's entirely possible that she was just curious about all the attention she was getting.

Tried to do my routine check on this site and discovered I wasn't logged in. That was a brief moment of panic as I tried remembering the email/password combo for this account. It made me sad to think I wouldn't be able to get back here.

I had this exact same thing when I clicked the link in my email that you posted!

Miss you guys. 

I still think we should do another video conference.

I'd be down. I missed the first one.

Ay, figured I'd check back in and alert you guys that site hosting is all good for another year.


Two questions:

1) Did you read MR:Forever?

2) Did you see the new Terminator movie?

Alas, no and no. I have a pretty heavy schedule this semester, so I might get around to one or both when I need a break.

This was oddly comforting to see. Gracias, amigo.

Ayyyy. Hi to all of you. I do miss you guys and this place. Follow Nathan-p and xuut on tumblr tho, and friends with a couple of people on facebook.

I'm doing well - some personal crises this yea but getting past most of it. Boyfriend is helping out with that. Big things for us in the near future....

Anyway, drop a reply and tell me how you are!


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