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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Hey guys! I haven't checked in for awhile. Hope everything's going ok with everyone.

I still have another year to go before getting my Studio Art degree, but I'm taking a semester off due to roommate issues, ADHD, and drama going on at home. I was thinking about this place last week as I looked back at some old pictures - remember that old drawing I did of some of the crew here? God, that was awful. I've improved a bit since then, thankfully.

Anyway, still obsessed with Bioware. Kinda want to do concept art. Until then, I'm gonna start working on making a bunch of merch to sell at conventions and improve my cosplay stuff. Went to Dragon*Con last year. Met some devs and actors. Marched in the parade with dragon horns and no pants. Best weekend of my life.

But yeah. I missed being here and I hope you guys are all ok. When was that meet up thing gonna happen if it was gonna actually happen? Because I'm so there.

 remember that old drawing I did of some of the crew here? God, that was awful

Oh yeah! I still have a modified version of that--there was a discussion that Nathan and I were staring at each other so I threw line-of-sight vectors on top of it. Still, fond recollections!

Anyway, nice to hear that things are going well for you, and yes, we do need to do a reunion at some point!

Ha! I'm half tempted to do a re-draw. Maybe if we do have that reunion. 

Wow. It's been pretty dead here for a while. I hope you're all doing well, though.

In other news, I'm moving to California in a couple of months? I'm waiting for official confirmation of my job extension before I post about it on facebook, but the plan is to finish up my job here (current end date is June 30th, extension would go through July) and then pack up and get moving. My roommate's going with me and we'll be getting a place with GermanSam.

Also I spent the last five months interning as a teacher in the maximum security unit of the state prison. It was cool.

So. That's my life right now.

hey hi hello still alive

not doing much, just been busy

always glad to hear anyone here's still alive. how's life been treating you?

Just saw notifications in my email. Nice to see this still around.

As for life updates, just graduated dual degree with Information Science and Archaeological Sciences. Got into Oxford for Archy. Can't afford it. You just get to that point where you didn't pull 2-3jobs through undergrad to immediately go into debt. And I would rather do it when I will be more financially stable or can focus more on school. Currently trying to defer that admissions.
In the meantime, I got an IT job! Who are willing to relocate me to the UK for about 6mo to help me get my ducks in a row over there! Butttttt, my visa has been taking way longer than expected. So for now I am in Philly, with a car for the first time, lounging around and working and acuring vacation to use abroad.

If anyone on this side wants to meet, lmk.

So for now I am in Philly,

That...puts you in driving distance of me! Congrats on the IT job!

Man does this bring back memories, haven't seen this website in 6 years!

I'm just chilling in life. recently moved across country to New Hampshire to live with a friend and just change up life in general. For work I'm just at a walmart, recently got a promotion to a support manager position so I'll be getting paid half decent. Been a bit of an eye opener leaving the great state of south dakota to these new and unforgiving lands but I'm dealing. Hope the rest of you are doing great!

In case anyone still cares...

Wow, talk about nostalgia. And embarrassment as I look through old posts. God, was I a creep.

I was reminded of this place when I saw that there was a Maximum Ride movie on Netflix.

More importantly, apparently there's a radio adaption of Good Omens, with a miniseries coming in 2018. And there's an American Gods miniseries right now.

And apparently Gaiman wrote another short story set after American Gods (Besides Monarch of the Glen, I mean.)

Shoutout to Gateway for reminding me of this place. Holy shit, what a nostalgia rush. 


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