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It's occurred to me that we've managed to get a number of Antis back on to MDW, covertly, in one way or another, and the mods seem to be...generally gone.

Is there any chance in hell that we can get everyone, and I mean everyone, back on MDW for one loud, final, chaotic mess right before, during, or immediately after the release of Nevermore?

I mean, if Patterson is going to sink the series, I can't think of a better send off than to get everyone back together and turn the site into one loud, giant headache to the squees and mods--a final going-away present from us oldies to everyone left.

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Sent a message out to everyone on facebook, and I'm seeing some replies.

XP It occurs to me that a school night probably isn't the best day to suggest this, but...

This post is just a flashback to both very lovely and painful memories.  I explained my opinion and whatnot in the PM.  I hope you guys have fun, and post everything interesting that happens, and screencaps and whatnot here, for those to see and enjoy yet are not in a position to participate for whatever reason and to log it.  :D

Miss you all.

Well, if anyone else isn't, I'm in.

Get me details when (and if) it's worked out, and I'll do whatever you want.


I find it hilarious that there's so many posts about this. XDD

I'll see. Like I said in the FB message, I'd enjoy being involved in something for an ARG but asdfjkl; holyshiot, I don't know when I'll have time. x.x

I was thinking about that, actually.
How does this sound:

Doomsday Groupie

--Think religious nutso

--Wants everyone to die, especially the adults.

--Considers Max et. al terrorists, holds them responsible for bomb in paris, faking kids into taking down Itex.

--Considers geneticists heroes. Hans, Jeb, ter Borcht, etc.

--Show up everywhere. Social issues; DG. Story related; DG. RPs, ‘such effort! Have you considered joining the dg? By the way, fang is uuuuuuuuuuuugly.”

--Threads and blog posts with movies, pamphlets (optional, but a fun idea).

--Insanely wants to evolve or change, but descriptions graphic (not too graphic) yet taken excitedly.
"Gee, having them rip my femurs out and place them with titanum would be sweet, amiright?

-Anything to piss people off regarding flock.

  • Happy Angel is dead. Iggy/Gazzy/Nudge next!
  • Compare Max to Hitler/Stalin/ bin Laden, etc.
  • Fang and Dylan are “uuuuuuuugly”
  • Infer that something really great (But really gory) is happening to Ella. I haven't been around, that really could probably be defined as forever, at least in Internet terms. MDW isn't a part of my life at all anymore, but one last hurrah would be fun. A tribute of sorts.

A lot's changed for me, but I still don't have a life, so count me in, but expect only semi-regular communication (I'm grounded and computer access fluctuates)


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