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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

A place for all of the letters, memos, photographs, reports, etc, be them finished or in progress.

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Gimp is PMSing today. It should not have taken so long, but here's the first.
Looks awesome!

It looks like Janssen spit her cup of water over the top of the page.
Nice effect
I'm trying to incorporate liquid marks in color so I can get a nice coffee or random liquid stains effect, but it takes practice and experimentation.
Also, sometime, like, when you make a document, can you add something (can be gibberish for all I care) that will be completely blurred/stained out, so it looks more realistic? I keep making effects but having to dodge around letters and words, making it look a lot more planned.
...just for you, I'll be leaving in a nice chunk of blurry text at the top of the Nazi letter. Go to town on it; I would prefer that none of it show.
In addition, feel free to let effects spill over the text -- just not too much. It's all in German, so there'll be a translation anyway. ._.
I'll write up an older document at some point that's mostly technical jargon that you can dump coffee on, or something.
Have fun!


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