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Hi, my name is Elena and I need some help.


This weekend I got a package in the mail with a sticker on it saying Itexicon. It's addressed to me, so it's not just a postal mixup, but I want to know if I should open it...?


[[For ooc chatter... anyway, redesigning the stickers at fever pitch, hopefully I'll have 'em later tonight. IC explanation: Elena has a very messy desk/dorm room and can't find her camera.]]

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[[Either everyone missed the memo, or this was poor sim attendance]]


Doesn't Itex make Jackuzzis or something like that? I don't see why not.

[[[My internet is washing in and out, so basically I've been smacking the side of the router (figuratively) and praying.]]


Small business fianance or something or other. 

Wierd... i don't own a jacuzzi and I don't even have a job. Why would they want to send me a package?



Do you intend to own a jacuzzi or small business?


Nope I'm just a college student.
Did you enter a contest perhaps?
Not that I remember.
Aw man, not another one!
What do you mean, another one? Are other people getting packages like this?

You thinking an RP? The easy way to solve this would be with a picture.

I meant another 'crazy'. You remember the crazies. They all seemed to have wings. Will clarify.


Aw man, not another one! Itex isn't real, you don't have wings, and for God's sake, the books are total fiction.


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