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Hi, my name is Elena and I need some help.


This weekend I got a package in the mail with a sticker on it saying Itexicon. It's addressed to me, so it's not just a postal mixup, but I want to know if I should open it...?


[[For ooc chatter... anyway, redesigning the stickers at fever pitch, hopefully I'll have 'em later tonight. IC explanation: Elena has a very messy desk/dorm room and can't find her camera.]]

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I'm serious! :( I googled the company name and this site came up so I thought I could get some help. As soon as I find my camera I'll post a picture of the box... call it fake THEN.
You're really willing to put up a picture? That's a first. This I have to see.

The attention seekers are baaa-aack.


But the pics are new.


[[I haven't really pitched in with anything useful, but I'm still a regular on the site, so it's not unusual for me to be creeping around there]]

I know, right?


Pics first. Otherwise, Mockage.


Not again... 


[[I actually haven't been on the site in a while, but I'm getting back into it today...]]

[[I know, I know, the first one's really sloppy, but I'm probably going to crop it to focus just on the address fields, or retake the picture.]]

[[Wow, I'm impressed!]]


What the...


Well, that isn't the jacuzi Itex, or the business Itex.

Does anyone have a link to those things from the old Fang's blog? I could swear that Itexicon had an official symbol, but I don't have a copy of the picture. I think there was a memo with it, in italian or spanish or something...


Could it be? No way of knowing for sure. I'm cautiously optimistic, but it's too soon to tell.

[[I may have missed this due to being only a casual observer of this project, but why would the address label be hand-written? Wouldn't a large corporation like Itex use print?]]
[[Not necessarily. If it was being professionally shipped, yes. But this is ter Borcht before his capture by INTERPOL, so it was probably slapped together in haste, which means handwritten.]]
[[Alright, that makes sense.]]

[[I'm impressed too! Woah!]]


Dude, what?? You said you got this in the mail?


That's definitely the Itex symbol from Fang's Blog, EndOf. At least, it looks like I remember it.


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