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Hi, my name is Elena and I need some help.


This weekend I got a package in the mail with a sticker on it saying Itexicon. It's addressed to me, so it's not just a postal mixup, but I want to know if I should open it...?


[[For ooc chatter... anyway, redesigning the stickers at fever pitch, hopefully I'll have 'em later tonight. IC explanation: Elena has a very messy desk/dorm room and can't find her camera.]]

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Yeah, it definitely does look like it... This is kinda creepin' me out...
Yep the parts that are blacked out are who sent it and my address. The package was care of my mother though which is weird.

Well've successfully loaded Checkov's gun. If this is the real Itex, and it seems to be, then it must be an interesting package. Open it, but carefully. The stuff inside may be sensitive or fragile. The sooner we see what's inside, the sooner I can help you with what's going on.


This could either be over really quickly, or it could be exactly what I'm hoping it is.


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