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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

Purely for talking and asking other facilitators questions about MDW posts while it's going on...and for laughing at the reactions of those who aren't in on it. Remember, we don't want to hint to anyone on MDW what's really going on.


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We only have one 'fish' so far. Dammit.

The longer we keep this up, the more will come. They get attracted to things like this as the posts build up.


Here fishy fishy fishy...


So hungry.

It's so hard to tell the fake accounts from the real ones...
Oh Meep, you big horsefucking tard. Read a thread before you post, you... you warthog-faced buffoon.
Meep is a pain in the arse... what the hell, man, you don't just take over oldthreads for your own freaking stupid reasons!

Urk. *Sighs*


Warthog-faced buffoon? BEST INSULT EVER.

Nathan, is there anything I can do to assist with getting the files up?

I wait... until the time is right.


Nar, I got caught in Arcadia fighting. Shit be up in a sec.

I found the revised autopsy report done right. It's on the main thread. Better yet, I can now apply the low-quality recording effect to any recording. Tell me, and I'll do it.

"So my Nazi theory was correct. It makes sense, with the Italian memorandum, too--Italy was one of the Axis countries in WWII."


how in the fuck


did we even think of this? I don't think we did.

No, because the Italian letter is from the 90s at least.By that time, the axis powers were long, long gone. So was the USSR, for that matter. Person didn't do their research.


Some are born stupid, some achieve stupidity, others have stupidity thrust upon them.

   ---Mockery of Twelfth Night by Shakespeare.


What we did think of was that schpiel that I have later on about Itex being bounced about from the Nazis, to the Soviets, to US military contracting.



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