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Ok, the census got me thinking; wouldn't it be cool to take a census of this forum? My brother was telling me about how you could make a spreadsheet on Google Docs which would make it quite easy... It would still require a fair amount of work though, and someone who knows how to make a spreadsheet.

Here was my idea. Start a discussion where it is mandatory that people only reply to the OP (just to make it easier to count) and no double posting. We would have them fill out these questions;

Country of residence:
Number of years you have been on this forum:
Number of years you have been in the fandom:

Of course, this is just a draft of a few questions, you guys could suggest other questions and stuff.

We would have a census bureau with people who thought it would be a cool idea. Each of us could count the responses to a different question to lighten the workload, and we could all have access to edit the spreadsheet with our findings. At the end of, say, three weeks, we would post the results of the census. If people really liked the idea, we could make it a yearly thing, depending on how much work was involved.

So, what are your opinions? Yes? No? Penelope, you're retarded?

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Comment by Hannah on April 27, 2010 at 10:38am
Hmmm... Good suggestion. *edits*
Comment by Hannah on April 27, 2010 at 11:54am
Yeah, I wasn't actually online... I pressed "add comment" five minutes before it actually posted. That glitching is why I went offline in the first place. *is getting on now*

And I knew it worked on iPhone. I have it bookmarked. XD


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