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I am updating. That's all. Here is Chapter 6. >.>

Ella's POV (Finally she appears!)

"You deal with with the patient." I heard Rol snarled said the patient like a curse.
"You two not playing nice?" I asked.
"He is being a a**" Rol replied.
"I'll take him for now but you are the expert on hybrids you'll have to do any operations that have to be done." I got no reply but hurried to the room Gabriel was in.
"Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, why did you have to die. I need you." I heard Gabriel saying.

Gabriel POV

I miss her why couldn't they cure expiration dates before she died. Nobody gets it, the government only wants me alive to do their dirty work. They don't care about me or Mercy, but yet they wonder why I want to die. I can't go on like this why did she tell me to stay alive!!?? "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, why did you have to die. I need you." I said to myself. *knock knock*
"May I come in?" I heard a woman say.
"I not going to stop you." Was my reply. A pretty woman with chocolate colored eyes wearing a lab coat stepped in.
"I'm Dr. Martinez and I will be your doctor until Rol gets over his hissy fit." she said in a matter-of-fact voice. "So what did you do to make him so mad? I'm always messing with him but I never get this kind of reaction."
"Nothing I was just honest." I told her.

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