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I is updating.

Ella's POV

I was curious but decided not to mess with him.
"Okay, well, according to your chart I need to do a blood test on you so if you don't mind could you hold out your arm?" I said brightly. He stared at me like I was crazy. He probably is afraid if needles. "If you're afraid-"
"I'm not afraid of anything." He said gruffly.
"Oh, of course not I'm sorry about that. Do you have a problem with needles?" I said hoping I didn't hurt his pride and checking to see if he had any powers. Blending in. I wonder if it is like Fangs power. With that thought I felt a stab to my heart, I still miss them, most of all my sister.
"Yes, I have a problem with needles. Who doesn't after being an experiment in Hell." He said with a glare.
"Yeah, my sister Max always used to freak out at the sight of a needle." I felt tears well up in my eyes, even years later the wound is fresh. "But I need to take a blood sample so I can test you for any sickness."

It isn't much but it is something.

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