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I have this friend, who always brings in some strawberries as her break time snack.I had a pack of cards, and I challenged her to a game of Snap, as you do.
On the game, she had bet her entire box of sstrawberries, which was what I had my eye on.*evil laugh*

Towards the end though, I was winning, and she only had two cards left.I said,
'You'll need a miracle to last any longer'.
She laid her card.
I laid mine.
She laid her last card.

*dramatic pause*

There was a smattering of aplause, from the spectators, when she suddenly jumped up and said, 'Snap!'.
She was right.

But of couse, in the end, I won.*grins*.

It was dead funny at the

Summery of today.

1. I won a box of strawberries.

2. I witnessed a miracle.(well, sort of...)

3.I proved I was the snap champion.*starts singing the obvious song*


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