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A midsummer night's dream.

To anyone who has done Shakespeare stuff in English.The sort of theme for this term is Shakspeare, so today our English teacher showed the whole year this video of A midsummer night's dream.

Lets just say it was stretching it a bit, to say it was PG.I t was really disgusting...Lysandrer was groping Hermia...gaud, I'm too young...Im now scarred for life...

I mean, come on, mild nudity? It makes me shadder to think what medium would… Continue

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I've just come back from the school end-of-year, James Bond themed, coctail/disco party.


That, my friend, was some party.

Ever heard that song that goes, 'I could dance all night'?

That person must either be a vampire, or have unlimited energy.


I dont know which is worse.

Anyway...plans to try to keep this short...*yawns*...I need my beauty sleep...

RL Quotes of today.

'You do realise we… Continue

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Mild Rant

There was this party at my house today.A sort of 'end-of-year-class-party' thing.A friend of mine wanted to stay a little longer, so I said we could walk back.Her house is about 2 miles away.

So, my mum said I couldn't.

Too long, too many fast drivers...etc, etc.Two roads to cross.

Aparently I'm too young for her to let me do that sort of thing without an adult.That is...Ageism! Discrimanation against people who are younger! I bet I'm much more muture than most… Continue

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Bugsy Malone

I've just got back from my bro's school prodution of 'Bugsy Malone'.

Its pretty cool, the names were kinda messed up though.The best guy was sooo the little guy with the gun, one of Dans gang.In the version I saw, he droped his gun and was pied...*sniger*

Still, worth seeing, I rated it 8/10.


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Gambling with strawberries.

I have this friend, who always brings in some strawberries as her break time snack.I had a pack of cards, and I challenged her to a game of Snap, as you do.

On the game, she had bet her entire box of sstrawberries, which was what I had my eye on.*evil laugh*

Towards the end though, I was winning, and she only had two cards left.I said,

'You'll need a miracle to last any longer'.

She laid her card.

I laid mine.

She laid her last card.

*dramatic… Continue

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Ickle Kids

On friday, my class were asigned a job.Every Friday morning we're gonna be going to the 'ickle-kids' and helping out in classes.They are so cute.

I've been paired up with a little six year old girl called Olivia, who can read at a rate that would make grown men cry.(love that thrase)She is dead awsome..!

Just something to 'Awww' at in these dark times...


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