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I wrote this for a writing competition, which yeah I won.
It was a maximum of 800 words, and so I decided I couldn't write prose, or a novella... So mneh, this is what came out.

"Hope is all we have"

As I sit here, enthralled, I can’t help but marvel at the beauty of this world, and that such glorious and wonderful things can exist simply take my breath away. There is so much that shines and so much that simply rings with the true and honest beauty of brilliance. That sincere cry of wonder, that song upon our lips.

Such is the way of life; all we can do is sit in despair that such a beauty could end, yet whilst it lasts a thrill of such incredible joy seeks to posses you that you can dream, alas you can dream and imagine the most beautiful and awe inspiring things. You can truly appreciate what man meant by heaven.
And yes I believe I have found it. In this world we have discovered the smallest bit of brilliance, and such is that brilliance that we can only be enchanted by its sheer nature. And whilst we are enchanted we seek to create and add to the magic it brings force.

But when the moment ends such bitter sadness and loss are found that we must simply find that brilliance again. And that is what life is. People searching for a way to shine as brightly as that phenomenon that is a part of heaven. And whilst I may one day add to that brilliance all I can do is aspire to be radiant.

For there is the sun, and the stars and the vastness of space. There are such miracles as life and light and rainbows. Snow and rain and every plant and creature on this earth. But never can all those glories compare to the truly amazing thing that is man. For though man has found a way to produce the most fearsome and terrible destruction. It is man that finds such beauties as love and hope.
There are truth and lies and hurt, but oh god, god there is worse, there is pain and misery and tears. There is despair and fear galore. Yet amidst all of these horrors and evils, we find life and a miracle that is so beautiful and wonderful we can only but marvel at it. There amongst all the hatred and revile, is honesty and love.

And in this gift we can see what really matters; we can seek to understand the mysteries of brilliance. We can laugh and hope and be great, we can smile and we can possess such happiness and joy. And we can dream; oh we can dream of the most fantastic and brilliant things. For there are no boundaries to what we can imagine, what we can aspire to do.

There is no limit to the horizon; no air we have to breathe. We can be free to act as whom we truly are, without the burdens of knowledge or reality to hold us back. We can shine, and we can blaze above the rest of the world. There is no greater wonder than dreams. For without dreams this world would be a desolate place indeed.

In wake of those dreams, we embark on the greatest voyage of all, that of friendship and laughter, of suffering and hard work. Ambition, achievement and peace of mind. We traverse to other worlds whilst delighting in the lustrous ways of this planet.

And though no man can shine forever, he can bring light unto us all. Such is the nature of this world. So whilst individually our life may not matter, we can hope and aspire to bring the beauty we can find and gather in this lifetime upon those less fortunate than ourselves, for to be selfless is to truly appreciate the brilliance in the stars. The magic that allows us to create and dream and be who we are.
So as long as there is man there shall be brilliance. And so long as there is brilliance there shall be hope. For hope is all we have.

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Comment by Dontkillchic on July 29, 2009 at 3:08am
And you won nationally with it!

Comment by Tash on August 2, 2009 at 9:21am
Yeah.... XD
Comment by Dontkillchic on September 19, 2009 at 5:14am
Well... I wrote this for a competition...argh Eoin...Wexford Fantasy/Sci-fi

It’s not like I had a choice. Even now, as my life spirals in a direction of complete and utter pandemonium, I’m still not allowed to choose my own path. I still remember the day I was transformed into this monster, this abomination, I am now. But why remember it? Why relive the heartache for the sake of some wanderer, one who doesn’t know me, one who can’t remember my name? I’ll tell you why.
For years after my sudden and violent transformation, I have been afraid to confide in anyone. I was afraid to even approach another living soul in case I was to harm it. And yet here you are. You stand before me, watching my bloodied mass of a body cower and shake, and have a strange look of understanding in your eye. As if you have known of me all your life, as if you have searched for my very being for millennia. So you and only you shall know my story. I must make it hasty though, I feel as though my time is fast approaching.
I used to be like you, carefree, young. A child, as you call it, though I can barely remember what it means. I don’t remember most of the outside world; so long I have hidden away in this hovel with fear of discovery, but I do remember the light. The glorious, glorious light! To feel it shine upon my skin has been my only wish for centuries, but sheer hatred of mankind has forced me to stay here under the surface.
But children are innocent of course, far too innocent to know of the dangers that lurk, say, in a forest. Not just any forest though, one so deep and dark that no sunlight (that light, oh that light!) can penetrate its shady canopies. Though a child I was, I still remember instinct screaming at me. It was so loud that my head felt as though it was being pounded from within, each syllable making the pain grow and grow.
“Run, get out! RUN!”
Curiosity got the better of me though, and I ventured further, marvelling at the strange compositions of fungi, and the darkness between those leaves. I could have stayed forever, but then came the rustling from the bush. That noise was the marking as my fate, had I known then it meant I could be doomed to a life of loneliness and despair I would have fled. Yet I was intrigued, the beauty of the forest had dulled my senses with empty promises of loveliness. So, of course, I peeled back the branches, barely noticing the thorns digging into my flesh, digging gouges of blood. And what was behind those leaves I will never forget, its breath so foul it curdled the very air, the stench of fear and hatred hung around its being. I couldn’t move I was rooted to the spot. I know now what it must have been; it was a creature that preys on the innocent. A creature of pure evil, one that could make me the way I am now.
It sensed my presence, and turned to me. Our eyes met. That was all it took for me. Those eyes, a deep crimson with a large black slit for a pupil, locked onto me and the thought of what this creature could do filled my brain with images of hell. I forgot who I was, forgot what I was and let the feeling consume me, my soul. I felt the numbness spread through my body, but felt no fear. I felt nothing but hatred and I let it empty me until I was just a shell. That is all I am now, an empty shell, fuelled by nothing, love by nothing.
I was created to kill, but something held me back. Whatever it was, I felt it would wear off so I hid here. And now you as you find me, my resolve for good is gone.

You are my prey.


I was depressed that day.


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