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I sent a PM to all my friends. This is to everyone else.

I'm shaking right now.

No, not totally because of the ban. But in the context in which I was banned.

I was banned, for a blog post that I wrote, talking about my mothers cancer. (Breast cancer by the way).

It wasn't a complaint, more of a little poem-ish bit on how used to the whole craziness I was. I wrote:

I wonder when the words“WARNING:BIOHAZARD stopped scaring the shit out of me.”

I'm furious. I'm even more furious that I didn't have the sense to save it. I remember most of the "poem" ('Twas hardly a poem, but that's the only real word I can use to describe it). I wasn't harassing anyone, I wasn't swearing on the forum. It was a blog post, I could have EASILY changed it had the mods liked it.

No, I'm not in tears (it takes a lot to make me cry- 'cause honestly, being banned from my favorite website isn't that big a deal in the HUGE scheme of things) but I'm damn furious. At the time, I hadn't really thought about the blog post. But when I went back to read it a bit later, I figured that even the mods had a heart, right?

Sorry, that was long.

Maybe I didn't make it as clear as I could have. I was banned for saying "shit" there. Once I remember the gist of the poem I wrote, I'll post that too. It wasn't even really a poem though...

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