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There was this party at my house today.A sort of 'end-of-year-class-party' thing.A friend of mine wanted to stay a little longer, so I said we could walk back.Her house is about 2 miles away.

So, my mum said I couldn't.
Too long, too many fast drivers...etc, etc.Two roads to cross.

Aparently I'm too young for her to let me do that sort of thing without an adult.That is...Ageism! Discrimanation against people who are younger! I bet I'm much more muture than most other kids.So she just has to tell me.Too fucking young.

I'm too young for anything, these days, apart from loading the dishes.Thats her excuse.Laaame.

'Your too young to watch that.You wouldn't understand it.'.

'Don't try that, you might hurt yourself, your only young.'

'You wouldn't want this.Its for adults.'

Cant she let me decide for myself!?


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