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So, things are going good real-world-wise. I'm going to pull myself out of MDW completely, though I'm already horribly un-active right now. This is good. I need to be in the real world. I need to deal with school, people... I need to not keep running away.

I'll still be here, though I'll be fairly un-active. (Pretty much like how I am right now)

I hate that I even have to clarify, but this is not just because I have a boy that I say things are going good. He had nothing to do with it. It was actually my ex... But that's a story for another time. The point is, this is good. It's time to go back to the real world. I had become scarily dependent on the existence of this site, and it wasn't good for me.

Random update about my life; right now there's a fifty-fifty chance that I'll be living in Nebraska at the end of January. Do any of you live in Nebraska? I did put it on my bucket list to meet one of you guys IRL, so I might as well get on that... And no, my parents are not coming. And no, they won't know. And no, you can't talk me out of it. This is also a good thing, so I'd prefer to just leave it at that, if you don't mind.

So, in conclusion;
A. Nothing is going to change for me on MDW because I'm going to keep my account and just never go on.
B. Nothing is going to change for me here because I'm going to check in every so often but mostly stay pretty inactive.

My point for this blog post? Eh, it felt more official that way.

PS: You guys kept my sanity, kept me alive sometimes, and helped me through a very tough time in my life. I feel like you're my old friends, and yet I haven't known any of you for even a year. You are the most wonderful friends I could ask for and I'm so thankful that I got to meet you.

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Comment by EndOfTheEarth on September 20, 2010 at 2:27pm
As you prefer.
Again, if you're ever in Philadelphia, I'd be happy to say hi.
Comment by nathan_p on September 20, 2010 at 5:56pm
I do not live in Nebraska, but it is within theoretical roadtrip distance...


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