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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

I know, I kinda stole this from MDW, but I know you guys can be way more creative than the squees who can only think of things like "dying heroically to save Max" or that he won't die at all.

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Didn't someone suggest suffocating him with a cantaloupe a few weeks back? I can't remember who it was.

I think Max should kill him accidentally. That would result in plenty of drama.
I think the reply just said "death by canaloupe." *BOL'ed*

That it would...
It was Devil's.

With a cantaloupe, and a straw and some duct tape.

Ah, that was an awesome conversation.

Oooooooo... That would be fun... CB
Permalink Reply by i_luv_fang 22 hours ago
fang gets max pregnant, they tell jeb, jeb gets out his shotgun...simple really!
anyway, its not like hes gonna die in #6, angel was not specific. and they could all be pretty well dead at the same time from who knows what, and fangs heart stops before the rest of the flock. their are lottsa explinations for how and when he dies!
I LOVE FANG!! dont die!!!!!!!!!!! not kiddin fang is like, my life and if he dies then i would know that he died protecting the flock and i will try to be brave when the time comes:(

Well, I liked the first part. It's pretty impressive for a squee. XD
>:\ I think I posted something like that... fuck, lemme dig that up.

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*giggles forever*

Hey! That was you? Marian Janssen? I said I would draw that, and I actually finished it today! Wow.

Edit- I messed up the wording, though.
...think what you will >.>

I already squeed over this in the other thread, but... omg. That gun. Jeb's hair. That tie. That lab coat. Fang's expression. Yes.
Oooohhh.....Idea! Get Hazel and Chacha! They're fun! :D

Anyone else read the Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way?
I like:
Choking on his own spine
Boiled in the blood of an exotic animal
Struck by lightning while flying
Gets betrayed
Hmm... "Struck by lightning while flying" is probably my favorite out of those. ^-^


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