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ARG --- Alternate Reality Game

A project to recreate Itex-era documents showing the rise of Itex as a company, and the creation of the Maximum Ride characters. Initial discussion on "What are you doing" thread starts HERE.

The story will chronicle Elena Mueller (known by her internet alias "Valentine") after her return from a trip to Germany, and the discovery of the various Itexicon files.

(I'll start updating this OP over the weekend to start compiling the files)

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Officially, nein.

Unofficially... let's say I came to this party prepared.
Gotcha. And we're not worried that the mods will see all of this? I mean, when I first came here Tally told me that they come on here occasionally.
If they have lurk accounts they know I'm watchin'. If not, the site requires you register an account to view. If we go ahead with the group, we can make it invite-only, meaning that only people in the group can see content.

And if they can see it... fuck 'em!
Ahhh... I forgot about that. Awesome.

And I doubt they'd stoop so low as to get accounts... That'd be weird.
We should still take all possible precautions: Attach Valentine to an e-mail they haven't seen before, lock this site down before we start, change and hide Secret Confessor's password, and the like.
Documents in clumps makes sense. That's how the professional ARGs do it. With regards to posting elsewhere, it should be brief, in character, and using arguments that she would probably make.

Recordings ought to come with a transcript, for the people who complain that they don't understand/can't listen to the files.

I like the Elena getting ill idea, it should start during a discovery halfway through, and it gives us space if we forget to post at some point.
Aaaaand hello, hier ist der phone call :D

It sounds a little rough to me, so I would like to know if I should mix in a layer of static in the back to make it sound a little more even in the level of sound quality. (That, or -- EndOf suggested rerecording the whole mess [which I understood to mean playing it from speakers and recording that input to a mike] and uploading that as a new mp3, which I think would have much the same roughening effect on the sound. Any opinions?)

Also, EndOf, since I listened to this many, many times over in the process of making it... your gutturals are gorgeous. Keep rocking the ter Borcht.
I agree with End. It would mush it together sorta... Like laminating a collage?

You know what? I'm going to stop giving my opinions on matters regarding audio computer stuff. I have no idea. But I can't wait to hear it. :D
If you can get to that page, there's a link on the right side to download either mp3 or .wav files, whatever's your pleasure. :D

(I would download / reupload it for you, but my internet is dodgy at best at the moment :\ )
Oh wow. I totally didn't see that. *goes to try it*

EDIT: IT SOUNDS SO GOOD. :D I love how Devil's voice is super slow and Xuut's is super fast. It makes them sound awesome together.

PS: *botherbotherbotherbother* Uh, I can do Angel if ever you need her. Just sayin'. Again.
I giggle obscenely when I hear my voice. It sounds so perky and fast in comparison to everyone else.
Together we sound like a convention of very stoned people... except for ter Borcht, who sounds rather like he's banging his shoe on the table with every line. :3


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