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You read that right. Crazy and blasphemous, ain't it? Still, it seams reasonable-a set of rules for the moderators to go by, based on the opinions of the people who their boss is trying to please.

Now, don't get me wrong-I have no problem with countries without Constitutions. I hail from England, which has an, "unwritten," constitution. I just find that, if given the choice, I'd prefer to have one.

Now, what would get added to the constitution? I'm not saying we should say things like, "Don't ban any anti's ever." I'm thinking more along the lines of, "When you ban someone, send them an email so they know for what reason and for how long," as well as, "Don't ban someone because you think they might be an Anti who's been banned." I'm sure you've had, "Friends," who've been banned before-even if those, "Friends," never confirmed that they were actually you.

And yes, I'm aware that the moderators probably won't care. Still, if any of them think that our requests are reasonable, that would do us a world of good. Fact is, we aren't protected by anything. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

You may think that this idea is stupid. You may think that I'm stupid and arrogant for suggesting it. You may think that it's hopeless. And you'd be right. But we have to try, don't we?

On to business. Question one: Is this a good idea, or doomed for failure? Question two. What should we put on said constitution?

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We just don't tell them it's us?
I've been on the same account on MX since April, so I guess you could say I'm legit. I do have four warnings, though >.> I'm willing to help out, but my account is soon to be doomed, no doubt =/

I've also had a fairly amicable relationship with Katy since the get-go (due to our previous dealings on TTS). However, I will say that recently she voiced her distaste with my opinions on how mods go about jobs XD

Also, haven't people been banned for exactly this sort of thing? (Kayte comes to mind)
...What? Constitution?

I mean, sure, the mods act like something out of Hitler's nightmares, but it's not like they can...Oh, wait.
Cause mass anihalation (sp?) amoungst your friends and loved ones? Yeah, man, they're all too willing...
*annihilation >.>
Eh, my brain is feeling lazy today. I knew it was wrong, but couldn't be arsed into looking it up. I knew one of you good people would know ^_^
'S cool. Right now I'm not so good at assembling coherent sentences, but spelling? Totally fine.
I'm legit.

Even if I did put it up, they'd reject it completely.
They key then, is not to write something that's a constitution for the members.

Write one for the characters.
This will work especially well for MR or W&W plots (the latter more so, since they're putting the most marketing force into it at the moment, see recent Featured threads). Then, after some squees have had their time with it, then ideally people will draw parallels. If not, people could easily come in and make the parallels for them.
While I wouldn't be that suprised, they'd have a hard time justifying it.
Just... try not to get banned.
Tell you what. I'll call a, "Friend," and get him to make it, without any mention of any relation to me. You can support it. That way, you don't get banned.


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