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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

AKA come write 50 000 words in a month. It's fun, I promise. (Moar info here.)

So, any other NaNoers here? (I'm Artaxiad Prescott.)

If so, got a plan yet? What's your novel about?

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I'm a 'Write a Damn Novel in June'er...this is a different thing i'm guessing? x3
*headdesk* Forgot my link XD *changes OP*

I don't know... it's dot org. Dot org is for losers. (Which fits for me I suppose)

But between slow computer, FF, MX, here, having to actually do stuff IRL, TV, and TTS, I probably won't be able to do it... Maybe when I get a faster computer? (And drop something... like sleeping and eating! Which is totally for chumps!)

Also, doesn't this defeat the puurpose Fiction Press? I have an account there... somewhere.
It's a nonprofit, yo :D

As to other Internet life, NaNo is my life during October and November.

Fictionpress is, um... well, no. NaNo does not interfere in any way, shape, or form. FP is a site to post your fic, NaNo is a site devoted to getting you to write it.
YAY non-profit!

I like to walk the sound of crunching leaves is fun. :D

I see, I see. I always start ideas but never get past the crappy characters. Or the beginning for that matter.

Think about actually writing this year. It's a Jack Frost story, actually.
Eh, no. I like writing novels at my own pace. I'm attending a workshop now and having other people my age (aka college students that, like me, have too much time on their hands) go though my book and give reccomendations. It was funny, one of them was just a fanficer.
But again, hopefully I'll be done with the thing before this school year finishes. If I ever get it published, I'll post here saying so. And then I'll never post here or on MDW ever again!
I'd prefer to write at my own pace, but that tends to be heartbreakingly slow and I never finish things. NaNo, I fully admit, gets me to finish things.
*sigh* I would, but alas, my creativity is at a standstill.

I need to write some damn poems for the Hollins University poetry contest, but I can't even come up with those.
D: It took me like, six months to get to 55,000 words...I'd kill myeslf trying to do it one month. Plus I have stupid college to do >.>
*smirk* I did 80 000 words for NaNo 2007.
D: Bloody education.


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