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Ning are a bunch of douches -- UPDATED 10 AUGUST

The site has been paid for for one year in advance.


(You can donate! Please see the link at the top of my profile if you want to throw some money in.)

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And hopefully we'll be able to keep this site.
Ok. I'll go ahead and join just in case...
I have to go.
When is this starting?
That's a pain...ah well. I have a profile and thread up at the new place.
Technically, I get $10 per week (but I don't pay for anything like food or even horseback riding lessons. I save it or buy stuff). The only problem is, I don't know how paypal works and they've forbidden me from using the bank card numbers anywhere but on Amazon.
Are you under thirteen?

That might be why.
Lie. (:
Use a different email account and lie about your age, I guess.
I get $70 a month.

And I can't stand that other site. >.<'
It's not formatted all lovely. D:


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