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Name says it all, post comments from angry crazed fans.

An example.

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Of course she has left me several comments.

And yet she still hasn't been banned. :(
I love how she goes off on people for having no respect and yet there she is insulting them.
You PMed me that. Hilarious!
Its just so funny I have to post it where I can.

*Still has no idea what a duscuting person is.*
There are more buried somewhere, she calls someone a stalker for talking on a public thread.
*BOL* I had similar things on my old computer. *must put them on disc/photobucket so I can post them*
*BOL* I remember when that happened. She deleted her entire butthurt thread about ten seconds later. Coward!
X3 Speech impediment. Ex.- LLOSER

^^ I suddenly wanna hear someone say that out loud and stutter...
Ah, beautiful.

And I love her name. Poor girl is saddled with so much Algebra homework. I'm sure she's just so damn depressed because of her poor life.

*Sighs*. I strongly dislike teenage angstwhores.
Oh, THAT girl.



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