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Protect the flock! From JP and Hachette!

Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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XD Best Thread Ever.

Watching us battle it out with the mods on MX.
Wait, what?
MX is stupid right now. Ya'know how a bunch of people are getting banned for being Nathan? Marian Janssen just got banned, we were pissed, Lamp posted a thread for me (because I'm supposed to be lying low from the site owner) and ModKaty deleted it. It's ridiculous.
Great, another anti-mod scare. I'm getting sick of these. Can't the ModMods even try to find a middle ground?
Nope, that thread's deleted. ModGenn was a total bitch about the way she handled it. And frankly, I'm getting sick of her. At first she seemed nice, now she's using that leverage to get at us.

The Mods can't find middle ground, I think they get a secret thrill from trampling us.
Either that or they wouldn't know how to run a good website if it bit them.

Interact with your users -- don't scare the piss out of them. Be friendly and nice and willing to bend the rules. Understand the community that grows up.

I think they and I have different modding styles -- I'm hands-off, they're hands-on.

The bad thing is that most people expect a more hands-off, down-to-earth style. The MX mods are rigid and unwilling to change. This is a great way to get whooped on the Internet, which is always changing.

In short they're dipshits :D
I think the secret thrill idea has merit. I mean we all got off on crushing fans, what if they get the same rush?
Dip shits who've given me banning imunity; or at least serious leniancy.

I talk to Mod Katy, Genn and Joanna regularly. Practically whenever I'm on. Thus- comunication. I think they understand the community, at least to an extent; they just have hard jobs that we're not making any easier.
Yes, they are hands on, but it's simply a different, and effective, method. Of course we expect that XD. And they do change; again to an extent. But they're sticking to their (or whoever is paying them's) ideals. You can't just throw the rules away because people complain.
There are good rules. Ones that make sense, and although I might not particularly love them, I can respect them, and where they're coming from.
As a newbie to the site, I've been experiencing it from my daughter's point of view. She is young, idealistic, and btw, the pic she drew actually looks EXACTLY like her, sans wings, of course.

I am crushed that her hard work has been erased. Why don't they send warning messages? They don't seem to want to begin any productive communication that will enlighten the members as to their goals and purposes. She knew she would be banned when she expressed her opinion, but she did not know that her work would be Erased. So you know my nickname for whoever did that to her work, and banned people for ideas. Controversy is a powerful promotional tool. I think we should take her story straight to the Today show. Who's the cyber-bully here?

Whoever is paying them... hmmmm.... there's some food for thought. It's NOT Patterson directly. It's the book company, promoters, agents, whatever. Wonder if THEY read the books.
I will agree, that the mods DO seem like the cyber-bullies.

Why don't they send warning messages? They don't seem to want to begin any productive communication that will enlighten the members as to their goals and purposes,

They don't care about communication. Katy once told me 'We have all the information, you don't. This is what I mean about miscommunication.' Yet, she directly avoided any/all further questions.
Hell yeah.
Uh oh. Will there be more war speeches? :D


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