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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Ran across the Adult-paperback version of FANG while passing through 30th Street station for a connection. That cover is way more cool than the YA one.

Gunk. In my lungs.

It can GTFO now.

I'm watching the Golden Globes for the first time.

It's so awkward and it's not funny or interesting and I feel like there's not enough applause by everyone else.

And yet I continue to watch. I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps I'm waiting for it to be better because everyone seems to put so much stake in it. What am I doing with my life.

I haven't had -47 C since I lived in Saskatchewan six years ago at least.

Can't wait to freeze to death! Whoo!

I can't comprehend that coldness.

I'd be surprised if I've ever beat -15.

When I first step outside, I start coughing from the cold. It's kind of scary. You can get frost bite within 10 mins of being outside. 

To make me feel better, my friend showed me the temperature of the coldest place on Earth today (some place in Siberia). They were only colder by about 5 C. Did not help. 

On the bright side, after nearly dying for two days, I know think outside is "not too bad". However, I will not be walking to the mall anytime soon. Can't wait for next week, we get back to normal not freezing to death weather. Poor Chinatown hobos, I wonder how they will cope. 

Just submitted an old work to my University's literary magazine.

Here's hoping...

If you haven't seen this already, this is the MR sister team to Team Tyler's Van that I've cooked up

Glee is the crackiest fucking show ever.

You seem to have made a typo in there. :P

Today I woke up and the house was at 6 C, which is roughly like, what, 42 F or so? 

I swear to god if our entire winter was like this I'd cry. And either I did really well on my French exam today or I bombed it. I don't think I really want to know actually. 


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