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Besides posting on here and replying to this thread. Original credit for this goes back to Fate and Nathan on MX.

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Why would you break into a school...?

^ Why kids (supposedly) shouldn't read The Lorax.

I hate people.

I have seen this before and I love it.

Regardless, symbolism =/= indoctrination of our youth, and I really detest it when people try to imply that children's books with underlying messages are actually shaping their [children's] values irreparably (and thus they shouldn't be exposed to them).

In their defense, some of Suess' political stuff is pretty socialist. He had this really amusing cartoon that compared the world to a bar. 

That being said left /= commies. 

Especially since (I'm to assume since they refer to big bookstores as Barnes and Nobles as opposed to Chapters, Indigo, or Coles) that they're all/for the most part American, their idea of "left" (OBAMA IS A COMMIE HURR DURR) is pretty right in comparison to other western nations. 

"I’ve driven through an entire forest of 20-year-old trees in British Columbia, so don’t tell me that trees are an irreplaceable, zero-sum resource." Someone please tell this idiot about endangered and extinct plant species please. 

Halfway through I can't tell if they're trolling or serious. 

ssh, Freep is notorious for being a total joke of a website.

Sadly, they're serious. 

Which is odd because if 20 years was what they meant and not a typo, then, um. I have friends who are older than those trees.

Well, I can't exactly say I don't see where they're coming from...


I mean, if a famous children's book writer like Seuss was talking about things I disagreed with, I can't say that I'd approve of it.


So, on an intellectual level, I suppose I can sympathize.


That said. They provided no counterarguments explaining why the destruction of nature for the sake of monetary gain is actually, well, good. There's a fine li--I'm sorry, I seem to have stuttered. As I was saying, there's a huge, thick, glowing, mile long, perilously impossible to cross line between giving a counterargument supporting your beliefs that is rational, sound, and valid, and being a whiny little bitch hiding behind infantile cries of protest in response to a reasonable request, and they aren't even close to crossing it. Guess which side they're on.

Now part of a minecraft server community doing something I find fun and more challenging than repeating information to idiot kids on MDW.

You may not see as much of me from now until more starts appearing with regards to nevermore. Maybe, once the server is open to guests (it's kind of a large project with the intent of showing it to guests) I'll tell you the IP address.

As always, I'll pop in now and again.


Forgot my ring, my bracelet, my iPod, my good headphones (the thing I'm the most pissed about sadly enough), and my god damn yeast lab at my house. Fuuuuuck. Plus my friend has my good heels so now I'm totally pissed off about this debate. And I just realized I forgot the camera too. 

Fucking eh. 

There's an ad on my Facebook homepage that says

"say NO to PORN"

It's sponsored by the LDS church.

I'm amused.

And holy fuck 87 thousand people like it.

My english teacher spent half a class period, at our request, explaining why Harry Potter is crap.




He's awesome, in case you couldn't tell.

On an unrelated note, I'm convinced that the husband of one of my sister's teachers is part of the CIA/A Spy/Whatever.

I'm going to DC tomorrow through Friday for a government trip with 13 other kids from my school.

It honestly doesn't feel real. I haven't interacted face-to-face with anyone not my parents for more than 5 minutes since Wednesday. And now I get to go share a room (and a bed, I might add, which is strange and which I just found out today) with a friend, plus two other people from somewhere else (theoretically anywhere, although most likely the US).

On one hand, I know it'll be fun. On the other hand, I'm kind of super stressed out about the trip itself, not to mention the piles upon piles of reading that were assigned for this week that I have to get done next weekend, as well as the project for health for which my group members have declined to either do any work on or even communicate with me.

So basically I have super conflicting emotions (and a stomachache from stress or something) and I really wish I had another week or so to sort through life.

I always feel bad for ranting about stuff like this, because I know I'm super privileged and I really shouldn't be complaining, but I still kind of feel like crap at the moment and really needed to get it off my chest.


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