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A nice example of how crappy Canada's judicial system is.

Got out of school an hour early due to inclement weather. Meaning, we're supposed to be hit by a storm around 8 tonight, with the possibility of tornadoes.

Decided to make a superhero character based on the greek word, "Psyche," which means both Butterfly and Mind, and the Chuang Tzu butterfly quote. 

Dear god.

The past three days have been High School Model United Nations. This year I was Russia but as the Soviet Union for the Historical Committee that takes place in 1947. Our topic was the question of the creation of the stater of Israel. And holllyyy shiit, the kid for Belorussia went way over the top with this. Not only did he basically ensure us a win-win situation but then he plotted it so it almost worked. (Adults intervened. how unfun. Everyone was all for our resolution before some dude (who turned out to be a Uni student who was helping run the committee) pointed out that having two super powers work together is an awful idea.) Basically, even if our bill didn't pass, we still win because a.) we start the cold war six years early and b.) we can shoot down everyone else's bill. We have 3 votes technically speaking and with only 32 total, that's important. He divided up Palenstine such that we would get the land with the Negraba desert where there is oil. The money used to fund the trustee sponsorship we created would damage the USA's economy, we'd have a HUGE army force sitting outside Palenstine for our convenient use, oh and we'd be able to dominate the rest of the middle east, were able to supply Mao with even MORE guns, and all of Germany became ours. I believe we also received a chunk of Canada. 

I'm going to try and find the original resolution. Apparently, Beloruse had to cut it down from originally 17 pages to 4. In addition to that, every single time a note was passed to us, we (Ukraine SSR, Byellorussian SSR, and Soviet Union -- I didn't get a definitive name :\ I was USSR, Soviet Union, Russia Federation, not cool guys, not cool) I thought that was hilarious. As clever and interesting (he had a USSR flag -- I was totally jealous because I had asked all my Russian friends for one and no one had one, a typewriter -- so amusing to listen as everyone would glare when he typed because it was really loud, and he spoke with a legit Russian accent) as Beloruse was, that guy is such an asshole. :| I can see why he is friends with Dang.

Also, lol. Destroyed these new tights in about twelve hours. Feet are dead. Brain is dying. Two bio labs and two tests to study for in addition to trying to figure out what the hell this French assignment is all about. 

Also, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Two kids from my school won best delegate awards. Normally I'd be stoked, but these kids will rub it in my fucking face until I go on a murderous rampage. God dammit. 

Sometimes I feel left out because I actually don't give a fuck about the Oscars.

So for my advanced creative writing class, the expectation is that you are to give a one-page review for every work, except for one work which you are lead critic on; for that one you give a two page review.

So far I've written two-and-a-half page reviews on a regular basis, because I have nothing better to do with my time.

And last Thursday, I received the work I'd be lead critic for.
It's six and a half pages of biblical adaptation; Jesus getting betrayed from the perspective of Peter.

Lucky me, right says the Jewish guy who's never even read that book or heard of half of these people, and who got to sit through an entire half page of awkward finger-pointing. ?

In response, I wrote the person a six and a half page review. The entire thing is criticism of the author's narrative style and prose. X3

Well done. xD

Never understood the whole betrayal thing myself.


Jesus: Hi. I'm all powerful, and can basically do whatever I want.


Judas: I'm going to betray you! Betraaaaaaaaaaaay!


Jesus: Huh. Cool. Yeah, Imma die now. See you later. Or not.


Judas: W-wait, he actually...? Ah, Christ. Josh, couldn't you have, uh...not died? Or something? I kinda thought you's just, this is. Uh. This is. Really bad. Is what I'm saying. And, uh...I'm going to go commit suicide now. Jesus Christ, I feel bad... *dies*


Jesus: *sneakily pops out and eyes Judas's corpse suspiciously* Punked, bitch.


I mean, seriously. Betraying Jesus is kinda on par with spitting on a tank, and with roughly the same expected results. I mean, yeah, Judas probably didn't have very nice intentions, but I can't say that I can blame him. I mean, he might as well been pulling one over on the romans. Free twenty denarii in exchange for turning in a guy who can turn them all into pillars of salt the instant they lay their hands on him, paid up front? I mean, yeah, it's a dick move, but Jesus dies when he wants to die, bitch.

I thought one of the apocrypha basically upped and said that Jesus told Judas to betray him to the romans?

No romans, no crucifixion, no death, no resurrection, AND OMG NO JESUS DYING FOR OUR SINZ.

Judas presumably had no idea that Jesus was intending to do this zombie thing, and tops himself in guilt that there is no touchy-salt-pillars?

Well, nothing releases a bunch of pent-up anger like firing a few rounds of an old bolt-action sniper rifle that was used in WWII into a target silhouette's face! Especially when it has a friggin' foot-and-a-half long bayonet on the end of it...

Jeez, that was fun. :D

What is the polite way to tell someone that their character is a Mary-Sue?

I'm looking at one in this draft, and it's painfully obvious.

uh, I don't think there's a polite way. You just have to do it. Because suggesting won't do enough to remove the sue. You need to sit down, explain it, and tell them that serious work need to be done. Use examples from their work of sueishness. Otherwise they won't believe you. They will always consider it an attack on them and their writing skills, no matter how you phrase it, so let it be a well-reasoned attack. Well, you're good at logical, End!


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