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Okay guys, if none of you have a fucking clue what to do for this Bio lab, chances are neither do I. Stop messaging me to ask you for help if my reply is constantly, "I don't know" because I don't. Calm the fuck down, think it through, and do it yourself or hey, ASK SOMEONE ELSE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY'RE DOING. 

Also, I've told you time and time again that I don't use Excel. Openoffice is NOT Excel, it's different. The functions and programs can be different. MINE IS DIFFERENT. I don't know why our graphs aren't the same. Maybe because the program used isn't the same?


I hate fucking Bio already. I'm going to become an axe murder from this class. Mostly because people need to learn to ask the teacher fucking questions not me. AND I'VE TOLD YOU THIS GOD DAMMIT. 


Just... annoyed at how every time we have a god damn lab, 1/2 the fucking class seems to ask me questions. I don't fucking know, don't ask me again. 

All I wanted to do was something nice for my theater teacher. She's a wonderful lady and she's also my NHS advisor. So I suggested we surprise her by cleaning up the dressing rooms or finishing the set for this play, something. Somehow this lead to painting/tiling the dressing room. Alright, awesome. But fuck, if I'd known everyone would just argue and bitch about it, I never would have suggested it. Who fucking cares what damn color the damn dressing room is? First of all, guys who say we didn't ask your opinion, if you didn't know we were going to paint it, you wouldn't have even fucking noticed. Second of all, everyone else, we're not doing this for us. It's for our teacher. So suck it up, quit bitching, and agree on something. Because even if we paint them white, it's better than how they are now. I'm so damn glad that we can all fucking unite to do something nice. -.-




I miss my old life on MX. I miss beating people into submission with logic.

I miss knowing stuff about different perspectives.

All I know is theories and stats and what to do with it and it isn't enough.

I feel like I'm losing the real me to the person my ex-fucking girlfriend told me I should be. "You're so smart, you could have a high GPA and get into Honours." Well, fuck me, I have a high GPA and I'm in Honours, and am I happy?

All I want is a high internet quota and a research job where I write a journal article one week and get money thrown at me.

And the next week I spend online squabbling for no good reason but enjoying it immensely nonetheless.

I also miss my Mafia chats. Facebook doesn't cut it.


Kindest regards,


The general plan is that we're all going to get profiles in place back on MX before August 5, then once NEVERMORE is officially out on the 6th, we're going to go back and turn the forums into a firestorm.

Sound like fun?

OMG, you mean instead of booking a private function room at a bar/club and a hotel room and putting up a massive bar tab for every friend I can scavange to invite, I could celebrate my 21st flaming tweenagers?!? That sounds like so much fun!


Do I sound sarcastic? I wish I were. Damnit! I wanna do thaaat. Getting smashed is boring!

Heya Z! Miss you too.

Heyyou! Whatcha been up to, pal?

I'm a bum! Graduated uni, have no job! Studying up to finish my pilots licence.

And yourself?

I'm a bum, work 8 hours a week, getting centrelink, doing my thesis and 2 courses. Moping mostly. What'd you graduate in? Pilots licence doesn't seem to fit with anything I remember.

Graduated in medical lab science - doing the pilot's licence because I want to.. alway have loved flying!

Oooh, what's the thesis on?

Just realized that Rem Ipsum means Reality Program and Lo means, "Speak," or something related to that.


I found this out through trying to figure out some dog-latin to describe a binary based magic system.



I'm just way too damn important this week. I'm just about ready to tell my school to go fix their own problems and find another artist. 

I did not ask to be in charge of putting the entire music list together for Prom this year. The job still would have been fine if they gave me a stinking deadline instead of springing it back on me a few weeks later and saying it has to be finished within two days. They said I had to be finished two weeks before Prom. Now it's over a month before Prom, and it was due yesterday. I stayed up until 1AM trying to finish the damn thing. If I weren't getting free Prom tickets out of this, I'd be violent.

And now I was spontaneously given a job to design a Chorus t-shirt for my entire school and I apparently have to have it finished by today. There's no fucking way I'd have it finished TODAY unless I skipped school and brought it back to the teacher at the end of the day, which is impossible. Sorry, it looks like you won't have your design until Monday. 

Shit happens when you get voted "most artistic" of the senior class. 

My god I'm fucking tired. /endrant.


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