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There are four puzzles that will occur during the weekends of the ARG and are supposed to give Elena access to more things. This is a test location for the puzzles, if you can't solve them, how can we expect the dumb squees to? They increase in difficulty with the ARG. All four are based on information that can be taken from The Angel Experiment, or found online.


Puzzle 1:

TAE 100

What is the password?


Puzzle 2:

IHL mainframe cache c125




Puzzle 3:

The fact thaT you’re reading this means you’ve tAken one giant step closer to survivinG till your next birthday.


Yes, you, sTanding there leAfing through pAges.


I’ve never done anyThinG like this, so I’m just going to jump in, And you try to keep up.




Puzzle 4:

TAE 80

TAE 16

TAE Part 5 Letter 4

TAE 33



TAE 13

TAE Part 4 Letter 2



TAE 18

TAE 105

TAE 15

TAE 19

What is your purpose, Elena?

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At the risk of not sounding arrogant, I'm going to say that there's at least one other person on MX as good as me at these things.


My suggestion? Scramble the letters of the last one, make the TAE less obvious (Maybe have a message with three paragraphs beginning with T, A, and E respectively?), get rid of the GENETICS GENETICS GENETICS, and maybe write a few things in binary, or morse code, or something. Also, get rid of the PART FIVE: LETTER 2, and instead replace it with something less...obvious.


Also, maybe make have the XjnP7OHj4 link to somewhere. Like, have an account with those letters as there URL. And have that be where the third clue is. :D

I agree with that completely. The issue is, naturally, trying to find a good balance between "tricky" and "so deep it's unsolvable"


Letter scramble sounds good. I could just put them in chapter order I suppose, and let everyone else figure it out from there.


Do you think that puzzle 3 could have been figured out if "Genetics" hadn't been there at all?


The "part5letter2 thing was tricky, because TAE does not have chapters beginning with the letters KPQVXZ, and I only recall one E, and want to avoid repetitions if possible. Maybe I can write these in binary or some other code?


My only concern is this last one. The MDW people are nazis over alts or info regarding e-mail addresses There has to be another way.



I like that.


Maybe not...

I would have, but then, I take AP Bio...


if we do make an account/blog, we should have the name/title be Daniel Newton Anderson or something like that, or maybe Genn Hettickson.


Maybe it's so obvious that people will get it anyways? You can have a secret message made from the letters that don't fit. :D Like instead of part5letter2, you can have a chapter that begins with an R, then another with an I, then one with a D, and the last with an E. Maybe. *shrugs* They don't even all have to be ones that are duplicates/wrong words, you can do ones that are otherwise  perfectly ok.


Let me worry about that. I have an idea that just might work.

If you can come up with it, I'll try to solve it.

What I thought I'd do was, delete my account and tell the mods I'm making a new one.



Yeah, about that.

If you so much as did a single post with it, people would know that you were related to the project. Besides, NING auto-attaches all of your friends if you use the same e-mail.

There's another way, we just haven't found it yet.

I know.


I just won't post at all.


And I'll use a different email.

So it will just be a member profile that will just sit there.

How will the mods know that Elena isn't making alts? Last thing we want is to have the main character banned.

I'll tell them that it's me in a PM.


Sure, they'll know that I'm in on it, but...yeah.

@Dual: But what happens when the ARG is over, and you decide that you want to get yourself banned because the mods have put you in a bad mood?


Besides, I think that Nathan already has an alt set up.

I'll make a new account, and leave the one I created for the ARG to rot.


I'll wait a few months before doing so, of course.

@Fake: If you do, please wait until Mid-January before making it. It would look a bit odd if it were established too early.


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