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There are four puzzles that will occur during the weekends of the ARG and are supposed to give Elena access to more things. This is a test location for the puzzles, if you can't solve them, how can we expect the dumb squees to? They increase in difficulty with the ARG. All four are based on information that can be taken from The Angel Experiment, or found online.


Puzzle 1:

TAE 100

What is the password?


Puzzle 2:

IHL mainframe cache c125




Puzzle 3:

The fact thaT you’re reading this means you’ve tAken one giant step closer to survivinG till your next birthday.


Yes, you, sTanding there leAfing through pAges.


I’ve never done anyThinG like this, so I’m just going to jump in, And you try to keep up.




Puzzle 4:

TAE 80

TAE 16

TAE Part 5 Letter 4

TAE 33



TAE 13

TAE Part 4 Letter 2



TAE 18

TAE 105

TAE 15

TAE 19

What is your purpose, Elena?

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Sure, sure.


Should I develop more puzzles?


Do you see what I did with number 3?

More puzzles, definitely. I'll help, if you want.

Alright then.


1) ter Borcht only had access to TAE, so you can only use parts of that book.

2) it has to be something that would involve a little research, but not a lot. For example, if I were to type in taa tag tga into google, I'd learn about the stop codon. Alternately, the hint in puzzle 4 is an ISBN which directs you to TAE. Remember, this is mostly a bunch of 12-16 year olds working on this, so nothing too far above their heads. Again, you'd be best utilizing TAE in the hints, and just cleverly hiding it (see puzzle three...if you can).

Puzzle 1, revised (there was a weird space in the last one):

Maybe we should throw the third one at them early? I have another puzzle that we could use on week 3:

I'm looking for one word.


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