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ARG --- Alternate Reality Game

A project to recreate Itex-era documents showing the rise of Itex as a company, and the creation of the Maximum Ride characters. Initial discussion on "What are you doing" thread starts HERE.

The story will chronicle Elena Mueller (known by her internet alias "Valentine") after her return from a trip to Germany, and the discovery of the various Itexicon files.

(I'll start updating this OP over the weekend to start compiling the files)

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Right on :D

I regret it because my copy had turned into pretty much STW: The MST3K.
You mean an audio recording of a young Max? I have an excellent 4-10 year old girl voice in any accent necessary if you need it.
Considering that there are at least half a dozen places for a young girl voice in this series, I'm sure we'll be using that at some point.
Sorry. :( You can be Angel? :D?
PLEASE be Angel, Tally. You'd be adorable. :3
Any thoughts on this?:

Vere do I begin?
Some expheriments, dey are visout un single problem…dis van, dere ah nearly ahs many problems as dere ah subjects.
Fohr example, dere ist de zegund youngest vemale…de only thing vorth noting is un psychological complex, she cannot shut up, dis eesen’t eeven un useful surfifal trait, dere is still no gut explanation as to vy she has lifed dis long. Mebe stomach capacity? Nine Snikhus bahrs? Ach.
Den der ist ze younger male…he ist half und half. On ze vun side, he has un impressiff mimicking ability, und yet it ist obfiious dat doctor Scherman haz failed completely in de dighestive tract. Maybe be vill learn somezing during de autopsy.
Ist it effen needed to talk about de blind vun? Der ees nothing at all vorth looking at! Again, dere must be somezing mizzing, vy do dey liff so long despite de defects.
Und de uder male…it ees like und control group. Ja, he vorks, but dere ist nothing special.
Ahs for ze leeder, Mahximum, dis ist train wreck already in progress. Multiple psychological complexes, dementia, even de tracking chip vas faulty with dis vun. Und she vudent effen shut up during de interview, ist worst than the other female!
[I let my mother dress me? How dare she talk to me like that!?]
Ich ließ meine Mutter mich kleiden? Wie konnte sie es wagen, mich so reden! (<--Do you mind checking that for me Nathan?)
Dere are are at least two positives in dis…de first ist Subject eleffen, at least she has psionics…und sense for dat matter…und de zegund ist dat de ozzers vill be exhecutied tomorrow morning…und short of getting hit in de head vith un crowbar, I can’t think of anything dat vould ruin dat experience.
The German checks out fine :>
Also, Nathan, any luck on scanning that Itex symbol?
Aw fuck.

I did a really quick search and the old scan I did doesn't exist (should've seen that coming). I'll get it tonight and knock up a sample image with it.
Is it in the Manga?
I thought the Manga hadn't reached SOF yet...unless you know something I don't.
The manga is in the first half of SOF. However, to see it you'd have had to subscribe to Yen+, which apparently not many people did.

The Itex logo appears on some documents in the back of certain editions of SOF.


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