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ARG --- Alternate Reality Game

A project to recreate Itex-era documents showing the rise of Itex as a company, and the creation of the Maximum Ride characters. Initial discussion on "What are you doing" thread starts HERE.

The story will chronicle Elena Mueller (known by her internet alias "Valentine") after her return from a trip to Germany, and the discovery of the various Itexicon files.

(I'll start updating this OP over the weekend to start compiling the files)

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Sept. 9, 1:19 AM? Jeez, time zones are screwy...

This ought to be really awesome. :D
Z created the site, so it runs based on her time zone vOv I dunno why that happens either.

I have free time but no direction...
Ah. Ok.

If you need a profile for anyone on MDW I have a spare that was meant to screw around with them anyway...
And I'd be happy to offer mine

I can always make a couple of alters with really crackey hometown names anyways. I really wanna try some.

Fucking, Austria anyone?
XD Yeah, tell me about it *is in that timezone*
In about a week's time I'll have free time.

If you need voices, well, I have Australian and English, just for something different, though not overly useful, and... well, vaguely European, but like it's some weird mongrel French/ German/ a little bit of something/everything else.

Re: Actually useful suggestions, I have nothing, but the little bits you've started work on so far look really good. I guess you could possibly just have some information on DNA, the method by which you're altering that, and just the basic research prior to the actual experimentation. Or animal/ animal splices that they would've done before starting on humans. But, I'm just rambling and throwing up whatever thoughts cross my mind....
So are the rest of us. :)
Considering that Itex is a global corporation, I'm sure we could come up with something that involves everyone's voices. Maybe we could splice together a general board meeting?
Oh, I'm not asking for a role. Just, if you need something along those lines I can help. I'd be perfectly content to not have to record my voice.
British accent over here, if anyone needs it, and I'm pretty sure I could fake a passable French. And if you don't need me I'm going to lurk anyway, because this is awesome.


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