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ARG --- Alternate Reality Game

A project to recreate Itex-era documents showing the rise of Itex as a company, and the creation of the Maximum Ride characters. Initial discussion on "What are you doing" thread starts HERE.

The story will chronicle Elena Mueller (known by her internet alias "Valentine") after her return from a trip to Germany, and the discovery of the various Itexicon files.

(I'll start updating this OP over the weekend to start compiling the files)

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*agrees with the DNA thing*
Maybe even just some chromosomes labeled out in hand writing, for humans/birds and then a random section of where/what to change.
Karyotype pictures with arrows saying 'graft shit here'?
Revised version of this:

Now where in the name of all that is holy did you find that?
Google Images?
Just did the German-accented audio file based on Omega's transcript. I had to make a few alterations to the text to account for accents, but it works...sort of.
I can't recall. Back on the MDW audio thread there was a lot of that, but I'm not sure if you are one of the people that made that particular statement.
You do!
Me and my flatmate both want to marry your voice.

And that was brilliant. Is anyone here really good with adding sound effects? I can give it a go, but I'm not so good at it.
XDDDDD That's three!

I did this using Audacity. I don't have a sound effects program, sadly, otherwise I would have added them in myself.
Your voice is, if possible, even better in a German accent. xD It sounds way more... legit than I thought it would, and with the crackly-tape-damage sound effects it'll be awesome. >:D


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